IT Strategy on a page

Following the publication of Solihull’s Digital Strategy, we now publish our IT Strategy.

To make the IT Strategy accessible, we have reduced it to a single page of A3. There is, of course, a more detailed document which is also published here. We have also coined a new definition for the Information & Communications Technology (ICT) acronym.

For us, ICT means Innovation, Cost reduction and Transformation. That’s why ICT exists in the enterprise.

There is, of course, a blurred distinction between “Digital” and “IT”. We have taken the view that we will define what we mean by Digital and develop our digital strategy accordingly. IT is then everything else. Everything that is technologically enabled, but is not in the digital strategy. Which is quite a lot, of course. All the systems and interfaces that the enterprise depends on to deliver its objectives. Finance systems, business intelligence systems, supply chain systems, case management systems, order processing systems, asset management systems, commissioning systems, HR systems and the network infrastructure that these run over are all part of the IT scope.

There is some overlap between “Digital” and “IT” of course – life is like that. Stuff does not always fit into neat boxes. The important thing is to be confident that you have clarity, vision, goals and projects that deliver to both agendas.

A) Here’s our ICT strategy on a Page:

ICT Strategy 2015 – 18 on a page v2  (PDF version)

ICT Strategy 2015-2018 Ver 2.0 Approved

 B) Here’s our more detailed ICT strategy:

ICT Strategy 2015-2018 Ver 2  (PDF Version)



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